2019 AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 20-23, 2019

"Marketing in a Globalized World:

Challenges and Opportunities"

Conference Venue


Buenos Aires is one of Latin America’s most important ports and most populous cities, as well as the national center of commerce, industry, politics, culture, and technology. Buenos Aires locals are referred to as porteños (“people of the port”) because so many of the city’s inhabitants historically arrived by boat from Europe. Despite all its recent challenges, Buenos Aires retains much of its old charm. Some of its neighborhoods have not changed at all in the past 100 years and remain a living example of the city's golden age. Millions of people visit Buenos Aires each year. They come to experience the tango, eat at renowned and expensive restaurants, shop at sophisticated boutiques, and visit dozens of museums.


Conference Highlights


1. Journal of International Marketing Special Issue – A JIM special issue devoted to research presented at the conference will be published. Authors of presented papers are welcome to submit their work for possible publication in this special issue of the Journal of International MarketingPlease see the JIM Editor-in-Chief designate Kelly Hewett's message for details.


2. Doctoral Consortium – We invite doctoral students with a focus at the intersection of marketing and international business to participate. The Consortium will provide a unique opportunity for doctoral students to further develop their research ideas, to learn about the challenges of conducting international marketing research and building a successful academic career in this field, and to broaden their professional network.


3. Unique Cultural Experience – Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. The birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. Glamorized tango shows are supremely entertaining with their grand feats of athleticism. Atmospheric old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife, and Buenos Aires' European heritage is evident in its architecture, boulevards, and parks. Latin America's shopping capital offers the promise of premium retail therapy along its grand, wide boulevards. And, of course, this is Argentina, which means A-one beef and football deserves a separate chapter!


4. Network with the World’s Leading International Marketing Scholars - The conference program will be designed to maximize professional development and networking opportunities. Several of the world’s leading thinkers in international marketing have confirmed their intentions to participate in the conference


Conference Organizers


Goksel Yalcinkaya

Associate Professor of Marketing

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

University of New Hampshire

Email: goksel.yalcinkaya@unh.edu


Magnus Hultman

Associate Professor of Marketing

Leeds University Business School

University of Leeds

Email: M.Hultman@leeds.ac.uk


Stavroula Spyropoulou

Professor of Marketing

Leeds University Business School

University of Leeds

Email: ss@lubs.leeds.ac.uk


Costas Katsikeas

Arnold Ziff Endowed Research Chaired Professor of Marketing & International Management

Leeds University Business School

University of Leeds

Email: buscsk@leeds.ac.uk


Doctoral Consortium Organizers


Kelly Hewett

Associate Professor of Marketing

Haslem College of Business

University of Tennessee

Email: khewett@utk.edu


Costas Leonidou

Professor of Marketing

Leeds University Business School

University of Leeds

Email: C.Leonidou@leeds.ac.uk


Annie Cui

Associate Professor of Marketing

College of Business and Economics

West Virginia University

Email: Annie.Cui@mail.wvu.edu


Peter Magnusson

Associate Professor of International Marketing

Bennett Fellow of International Business

University of Alabama

Email: pmagnusson@cba.ua.edu