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The group, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Education Division of the American Marketing Association (AMA), will be known as the Global Marketing Special Interest Group.

AMA Global Marketing SIG Bylaws

I. Naming of the Group

II. Focus

The AMA Global Marketing Interest Group is for those who want to begin or continue to explore the field of global marketing.  The purpose of the group is to foster a dialogue and expand knowledge on global marketing issues among academics, business people, and government representatives.


The group is designed to meet the needs of faculty who have been teaching international marketing and want to explore specific issues in more depth, would like to incorporate global marketing issues into their existing marketing courses, would like to conduct international marketing research, who would like to exchange ideas regarding international marketing teaching and/or research issues, or would like access to international marketing resources that could be used for research and/or classroom activities.


Since the intent of this group is to respond to the interests of the members, the specific issues addressed by the group, resources assembled, and activities pursued will reflect the interests of the members.


III. Objectives of the Global Marketing Special Interest Group

The Global Marketing Special Interest Group has four objectives:   
    (1) facilitate interaction among academics, business people, and government representatives,
    (2) promote the globalization of marketing courses, 
    (3) foster research on global marketing issues, and
    (4) disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members.


IV. Membership

Membership in the Global Special Interest Group shall include all AMA members who indicate a desire to join at the time of initiating or renewing their annual AMA membership. In addition, to expand global outreadh efforts in accordance with the goals of the SIG cited in item III, non-AMA member international scholars/practitioners may be invited to become affiliated members (i.e., non-voting members) of the Global Marketing SIG with the name of the inviting member. Approval of the invitee's affiliated status requires majority support of the voting members of the Board. Affiliated membership status for each non-AMA international scholar/practitioner will be granted for a period of one year (renewable), beginning in August of each year. Note: affiliataed membership with the AMA Global Marketing SIG does not included membership into the American Marketing Association, or the benefits thereof.


V. Leadership

The leadership of the Global Marketing Special Interest Group shall consist of a Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and Members. A Board of Directors shall oversee Global Marketing Special Interest Group operations, and it will consist of the above officers plus up to seven other Board members (at least one member of the Board of Directors must be from outside of the United States). Each individual on the Board shall serve a three-year term, with terms staggered. Terms shall commence in July of each year. Board members should, to the extent possible, be individuals who regularly attend AMA meetings and are required to provide active and significant service to the Global Marketing Special Interest Group. The Board of Directors will meet at least twice per year, in conjunction with the Summer and Winter Educators' Conferences. The membership will elect the Chair as the Chair-elect. The chair-elect will serve one year as Chair-elect (commencing on July 1 immediately following their election to the position), followed by a two-year term as chair. Any current Board member running for the Chair-elect position must relinquish their current Board position for the general election, to minimize the potential of leaving a Board position vacant should he/she be elected to the Chair-elect position.


Elections for the Board of Directors members will take place annually in May. Prior to elections, a general Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors will be made of the membership of the Global Marketing Special Interest Group. Nominees to the Board must have served in a service role in the Global Marketing SIG prior to the year of nomination to be eligible for election. Nominees will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for consideration. The Chair of the Board of Directors will forward approved candidates to the AMA for election. In accordance with AMA policy, the election will be administered by the AMA. Upon completing active service on the Board of Directors, former Chairs will serve a three-year term as ex officio members of the Board.


VI. Sample Activities

The activities of the Global Marketing Special Interest Group will be varied, but in all cases consistent with the objectives of the SIG cited in item III. Examples of activities include holding semi-annual meetings of the Board of Directors, communicating with AMA members through Global Interests (the quarterly newsletter of the AMA Global Marketing SIG), and organizing and hosting global marketing symposia, tracks and sessions at conferences, and other events where appropriate. Communication and interaction with other AMA SIGs and professional groups are viewed as important activities to the Global Marketing SIG, and the SIG will work with such groups as the Academy of Marketing, Centers for International Business and Research, etc., as well as journals, such as the Journal of International Marketing, etc. to achieve its goals. 


VII. Finances

A budget shall be formulated by the Global Marketing Special Interest Group Chair for submission to the American Marketing Association per the requirements of the Academic Council of the American Marketing Association. Conference related expenses of the Global Marketing SIG (e.g., audio-visual requirements, SIG receptions, Board Meetings, etc.) should be approved by the Chair prior to their occurrence. All non-conference related expenses must be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Board of Directors. Reimbursement for all Global Marketing Special Interest Group expenditures shall be coordinated through the Chair, or Treasurer, who will requisition funds from the AMA. 


VII. Finances

VIII. Amending the Bylaws

Amending the bylaws of the Global Marketing Special Interest Group will follow the following procedures.  Recommendations for a specific bylaw change, or addition, should be presented in writing to the Chair of the SIG.  The Chair will then present the proposed changes to the Board of Directors.  Proposals for changes to the bylaws receiving majority support of the voting members of the Board will be approved.


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