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Conference Schedule

Conference Venue


University of Verona

Department of Management

Santa Marta Building

Via Cantarane 24, Verona, Italy



Friday, May 24 

11:00-17:00 Doctoral Consortium

AMA Global Marketing SIG Doctoral Consortium

11:00:    Registration opens for Doctoral Consortium participants and panelists.


11:55:    Welcome and Introduction: Annie Cui, West Virginia University


12:00:    Crafting Impactful Research: 

Moderator: Fabian Bartsch, Montpelier Business School

  • Amir Grinstein, Northeastern University and VU Amsterdam

  • Jan Heide, University of Wisconsin

  • Sandy Jap, Emory University

  • Gerard Tellis, University of Southern California


13:00:    Lunch (Presentation by Ahmet Kirca, Michigan State University) 


14:00:    Research Mentoring Session 

Format: Each student gives a 15-20 minute presentation of his/her research, followed by round-table discussions with input from faculty and other students.

Moderator: Katharina Zeugner-Roth, SKEMA Business School


15:30:    Refreshment Break


15:45:    Trends and Hot Topics in International Marketing

Moderator: Annie Cui, West Virginia University

  • Ayşegül Özsomer, Koç University

  • David Griffith, Texas A&M University

  • Saeed Samiee, University of Tulsa

  • Costas Katsikeas, University of Leeds


17:00:    Doctoral Consortium concludes.


Opening Reception

19:00-21:00 AMA Global Marketing Conference Welcome Reception


Piazza Bra, 16 - 37121 Verona



Saturday, May 25

09:00-10:30 Session 1A: Cultural Influences on Consumers

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Martin Heinberg 


Alexey Semenov and Arilova Randrianasolo

     Attitudes toward LCCP strategies: a comprehensive framework 


Dario Miocevic and Florian Kock

    Socio-cultural adaptation in cross-cultural transitions of digital nomads: a self-discrepancy view 


Liz Wang and Ying-Chyi Chou

    Cross-cultural study of individualism and collectivism impact on COVID-19 prevention behaviors: a theory of      planned behavior perspective


Katerina Makri, Karolos Papadas and Ayşegül Özsomer

     A cross-country study on market responses to reshored brands


Ítalo Dantas and Marcelo Curth

     The influence of functionality, symbolism and product quality in sports footwear purchase intention:                   identifying the antecedents for Brazilian consumers


09:00-10:30 Session 1B: Firm Internationalization, Market Entry, and Market Exit

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Carlos Sousa


Gautam Dutta and Abhishek Dutta

    Can the negative country of origin effect for technologically complex products be overcome?


Daniel Pedroletti and Francesco Ciabuschi

    Insidership or outsidership? exploring the effects of reshoring on the host country network


Philip Möhrle and Dirk Totzek

    Understanding the effects of international market exits on firm performance: the role of relational capital            and financial resources


Katerina Boncheva

    Explaining firms’ international market exit behavior: profit performance and the differential effects of the            firm’s capabilities


Barbara Francioni and Alice Aiudi

     The role of decision-makers skepticism in using artificial intelligence for international strategic decisions


09:00-10:30 Session 1C: Exporting, Global Relationship Marketing and Channel Management

Room: SMT.11

Session Chair: Claude Obadia


Ana Lisboa, Dionysis Skarmeas, and Matthew Robson

    Dealing with multiple products and export markets: in quest of facilitating factors


Oksana Kantaruk Pierre, Raluca Mogos Descotes and José Pla Barber

    Ukrainian exporters resilience: exploration of relational factors


Fawaz Baddar Alhussan and Faten Baddar Alhusan

    Determining key accounts in an Arab context: evidence from Jordan


Altani Panagiotopoulou and Paraskevas Argouslidis

     The impact of individualism on impulsive consumption: a moderated mediation analysis


Leonidas C. Leonidou, Marios Theodosiou and Pantelitsa Eteokleous

     Drivers and performance outcomes of MNEs’ CSR strategy adaptation: a strategic fit approach


10:30-11:00 Refreshment Break


11:00-12:30 Session 2A: Global Marketing Strategy

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Stavroula Spyropoulou


Wolfgang Messner and Monica Migliorini

    Fifty shades of ads: the influence of cultural and institutional factors on television advertisement expenditure


Jieke Chen, Verdiana Giannetti, and Yunlu Zhao

    Sino-foreign co-productions: an investigation of their impact on movies’ box-office performance in China


Lin Zhao, Xinchun Wang, and Annie Cui

    Silence is not enough: how brand activism inconsistency impacts brand performance in global marketing


Walter Tamayo-Palomino, Julio Cerviño and Juan Timana

    The moderating effect of culture on the marketing intensity-firm value relationship in a global setting


Man Zhang, Faten Baddar Alhusan, Fawaz Baddar Alhussan, and Janet Hartley

     Linking wasta, international marketing capability of exporting SME and international performance in the             Arab world


11:00-12:30 Session 2B: Exploring Consumer Emotions and Motivations

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Rajeev Batra


Irem Yoruk and Elif Izberk-Bilgin

    Understanding the motivations behind global identity and contemporary consumption patterns of global             citizens – a qualitative analysis


Hannah Guzman, Ricardo Parra, Emanuel Partiyeli, Robert Slama and Clark Johnson

    From stitch to status: weaving instrumental motivation into Chinese luxury clothing consumption


Jessica Grace Arnaldo, Matt Burkhart, Brianda Garay Quinones, Lourdes Reyes, Jessica Woodard and Clark Johnson

    Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry: influential factors in the rate of adoption and acceptance


Christina Papadopoulou and Aristeidis Theotokis

    Harmonizing contradictions: exploring dialectical thinking's impact on paradoxical brand choices across              cultures


Arooj Rashid and Anthony Kent

Personalisation and restored clothing: exploring emotional attachment and longevity


11:00-12:30 Session 2C: Industry Presentation

Room: SMT.11

Session Chairs: Paola Signori and Daniele Dalli


Susanna Martucci, founder and CEO, and Mara Lucchin, Sales Manager

             Alisea srl Benefit corporation,

Stefania Rinaldi, CEO and Marketing Manager, and Elisabetta Rinaldi, Board member

             Rinaldi Group Società Benefit,

Daniele Eccher, Corporate Sustainability Manager

             Fater Group,

12:30-13:45 Lunch Break

13:45-15:15 Session 3A: Globalization and Global Consumers

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Katharina Zeugner-Roth


Christina Sichtmann and Vasileios Davvetas

    Immigrant acculturation and participation in host country public services


Dong Lv, Zi Wang and Jia Jin

    Morality is socially constructed: the role of morality in social adjustive functional attitudes towards                      counterfeit luxury consumption


Bingxuan Guo and Yinlong Zhang

    How does attitude toward globalization affect customer loyalty?


Nazan Colmekcioglu, Hulusi Binbasioglu and Saloomeh Tabari

    The impact of known user-generated content, influencers, and tourism firms/DMOs on travel purchase                decisions


Khondoker Hossain and Peter Magnusson

    A cross-cultural examination of consumer brand loyalty


13:45-15:15 Session 3B: Global Entrepreneurship

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Charles Hofacker


Recep Karaburun

    Fostering innovation and industry collaboration: implementing an incubator program in university settings –      a case for NYU SPS hospitality innovation (HI) hub creation


James Griffin, Derek McInerney and Katrin Weittenhiller

    Evaluating cluster impact on the development of Irish SMEs: qualitative observations from an advanced              manufacturing cluster


Christopher Boudreaux, David Yoon and Namil Kim

    Shame on you: the duality of shame culture and fear of failure for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship


Maia Maziashvili and Izabela Kowalik

    Network determinants of the entrepreneurial marketing capabilities – an example of Georgian immigrants in      Poland


Samuel Kusi, Osei Yaw Adjei and Mark Kofi Prempeh

    A SHIFT towards a more sustainable entrepreneurial branding


13:45-15:15 Session 3C: Global Marketing Research, Big Data, and Analytics

Room: SMT.11

Session Chair: Saeed Samiee


Daniele Allega

    Leveraging AI and Big Data for sustainable entrepreneurship


Wolfgang Messner, Tatum Greene, and Josephine Matalone

    From bytes to biases. investigating the cultural self-perception of large language models


Yu Chen

    When the East meets with the West -- a cross-cultural approach to perception variations of 3D online spatial      design


Pei Shan Soon, Izian Idris and Lan Ma

    Integrating service robots for brand preference and perceived ethical and societal reputation: the exhibitors’        view


David Yoon, Mustapha Belkhouja and Luis Dau

    Privacy law, national culture, and artificial intelligence innovation around the world


15:15-15:45 Refreshment Break

15:45-17:15 Session 4A: Global Brand Management

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Ana Lisboa


Anna Ivanova, Kate Jones and Sol Jung

    Do cause-related marketing advertising appeals impact brand love and brand authenticity?


Wenxin Wang, Martin Heinberg and Martin Eisend

    Cross-country moderators of antecedents of brand personality: a meta-analytic approach


Caroline S.L. Tan

    Supporting brand activism: examining buycott, the intention to share on social media and the moderating          effect of social compliance brand commitment


Okaï Ozbal, Teoman Duman, and Sandeep Kumar Mohanty

    An exploratory analysis of on-demand ride-hailing services in a cross-cultural context: implications for                branding theory


Tanu Priya Kohli and Sanjay Patro

    Importance of brand personality in the digital era


15:45-17:15 Session 4B: Global Consumer Research

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Karen Tejedor Bowen


Živa Kolbl and Adamantios Diamantopoulos

    Can brand stereotypes (be) change(d)? experimental evidence


Alexander Krasnikov and Vera Rebiazina

    The impact of protectionism on emerging market brands


Michela Matarazzo, Silvia Ranfagni and Simone Guercini

    Shattering misperceptions: the power of celebrities femvertising on YouTube


Gloria Preece and Logan Schultz

    Nudging sustainable fashion consumption: segmenting consumers by propensity to purchase second-hand        clothing

13:45-15:15 Session 4C: Consumer Engagement 

Room: SMT.7

Session Chair: Timo Mandler


Tatjana Koenig and Chiara Mauri

    Drivers of TikTok-advertising value: a comparison between German and Italian TikTok users


Lijun Shirley Zhang, Thomas Allard, David Hardistry, and Shane Wang

    The charity competence curse: when signals of managerial competence backfire


Kelvin Fetter, Marcelo Curth, and Moema Nunes

    The influence of engagement and perception value on the intention of continuity of fan members of soccer          teams in southern Brazil


Linas Pupelis and Beata Seinauskiene

    How consumers' materialistic values and narcissistic tendencies affect their pro-environmental attitudes,            intentions, and choices


Alessia Bonadimani, Paola Signori and Martina Tafuro

    What is behind the lipstick effect? a study to explore consumers’ motivations for buying cosmetics in times of      global crisis


Sunday, May 26


09:00-10:30 Session 5A: Global Retailing, Services, and E-Commerce

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Ayşegül Özsomer


Ayushi Gupta and Ashish Gupta

    What do we know about gamified customer engagement? insights from thematic analysis


Yicheng Dai, Boshuo Guo, Raheleh Jafari and Maria Logkizidou

    “I just worry about making mistakes with a click.”: the barriers influence senior online consumers in China,          from a perspective of socioeconomic status


Wei Miao, Liqiang Huang, Chris Tang, and Xuchu Xu

    A rising tide that lifts all boats: the effects of collective recognition programs on E-commerce sellers and              regional economic development


Rafid Ur Rahman, Martin Heinberg, Constantine Katsikeas and Sourindra Banerjee

    Domino effects of geo-political armed conflict on retail sales in an emerging market


Gary Gregory, Liem Ngo, Christine Vantoorn and Mai Nguyen

    Architecting success: unveiling the dimensions of service offshoring design for optimal performance


09:00-10:30 Session 5B: Global Innovation and New Product Development

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Aulona Ulqinaku


Khalid Mehmood, Nazia Shehzad, Fauzia Jabeen, Haseena Alkatheeri and Aamir Suhail

    Enhancing online store performance: how consumer voice and social media analytics drive digital success


Bingxuan Guo and Yinlong Zhang

    Investigating the effects of attitude toward globalization on consumer innovativeness


Mustapha Belkhouja, David Yoon and Jie Hong

    Social movement and global R&D: evidence from the Arab spring


Francesca Bonetti, Sajeev Nair, Andrea Pescher and Gerard Tellis

    Technological disruption in the fashion, high tech, and packaged goods industries: the effect of the culture of      innovation on market cap


Markos Tsogas, Marina Kyriakou and Paraskevi Karaververi

    The interplay of product and marketing innovations as an internationalization factor for European SMEs:            some preliminary findings


09:00-10:30 Session 5C: Communications Strategies for Global Consumers

Room: SMT.11

Session Chair: Brittney Bauer


Yasmine Gendy

    Online retail therapy: the consumption behaviour of the digital age


Naoki Nagashima

    Customer satisfaction model revisited: impact of pre-service expectations and international comparison


Cristobal Barra, Nicolás Gallardo and Dania Castro

    The ad you see; the way you avoid: comparing ad avoidance on social media for well-known (global) and            unknown (local) brands


Marcelo Curth, Roberto FalcÃo, Ítalo Dantas and Jefferson Monticelli

    To kill or not to kill: that’s the question. a study of cruelty-free consumption in Brazil


Irem Yoruk and Attila Yaprak

     Do moral identity and empathy play significant roles in the construction of global identity? findings from an       exploratory study


10:30-11:00 Refreshment Break

11:00-12:30 Session 6A: Global Marketing Communications

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Attila Yaprak


Karim Grissa

    Studying the drivers of sharing digital brand content by influencers: a multicultural perspective between              French- and English-speaking countries


Sooa Hwang, Nayoung Yoon, and Jaewoo Joo

    Stop beating around the bush: dual-earner parents need characteristics-related information about smart            home products


Brittney C. Bauer, Arilova Randrianasolo and Clark D. Johnson

    Foreign endorser stereotypes: leveraging match dyads to improve perceived cognitive fit


Ahmed Geebren and Thuy Bui

    Examining the mediating role of trust on engagement in online healthcare communities on social media:            evidence from emerging market


Fanny Fong Yee Chan, Ben Lowe, and John Ford

    A systematic analysis of innovativeness cues manifested in digital advertising


11:00-12:30 Session 6B: Global Ethics, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Dayananda Palihawadana


Alexey Semenov and Arilova Randrianasolo

    Corporate social responsibility, advertising intensity, and performance: the importance of national                        philanthropic environments


Velmurugan Palanichamy and Fiona Schweitzer

    Majority or minority framing: should brands attack the majority or defend the minority view when framing          messages in the context of brand activism?


Waqar Nadeem and Abdul Ashraf

    Sustainability marketing and its impact on consumer well-being: a comparative study using the                            environmental performance index


Dila Kulturel

    Social media engagement in sustainability communication: exploring the impact of country of operation


Carri Reisdorf, Kevin Lehnert and Meghan Murray

    Building leadership communication: the impact of emotional and spiritual intelligence


11:00-12:30 Session 6C: Technological Development and Global Strategy

Room: SMT.11

Session Chair: Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani


Min Li, Xinming He and Carlos M.P. Sousa

    Strategic flexibility, export channel selection, and export performance


Moe Roohanifar, Olli Kuivalainen and Vijay Pereira

    Exploring and investigating digital small and medium enterprises’ online and offline communication                    strategies in internationalisation


Fangfang Li, Jieke Chen and Leonidas Leonidou

    Adapting social media marketing strategies to international markets: a contingency perspective


Steven Liu and Janell Townsend

    An investigation of the role of psychic distance in B2B innovation


Burcu Sezen, Cem Bahadir, Rodrigo Taborda and Rodrigo Britto

    The impact of country-of-origin effect on listing prices: the moderating role of seller characteristics and                product features


11:00-12:30 Session 6D: Special Session: Bridging Continuity and Change: Global Marketing Challenges in Established and Emerging Perspectives

Room: SMT.7

Session Chair: Vita Kadile

Discussant: Cezara Nicoara


Luiza D. Braga, Matheus G. Tardin, Amir Grinstein, and Marcelo G. Perin

    Global Brands’ Corporate Activism Strategies: A Cross Country Analysis


Aulona Ulqinaku, Gülen Sarial-Abi, and Selma Kadic-Maglajlic

    It’s Not Always About Warmth: Lonely Consumers Prefer Competent vs. Warm Brands to Increase Self-efficacy      Perception and Satisfy Need for Empowerment


Shahin Assadinia

    Marketing Strategy Implementation, Protectionism and Standardization: Study of Exporting Firms in a                  Developing Economy


Timo Mandler

    Digital Platforms: A Global Marketing Perspective


12:30-13:45 Lunch Break

13:45-15:15 Session 7: Meet the Editors – The Future of Global Marketing

Room: SMT.6

Moderator: David Griffith, Texas A&M University

Ayşegül Özsomer, Koç University – Journal of International Marketing

Saee Samiee, University of Tulsa – Journal of International Business Studies

Costas Katsikeas, University of Leeds – Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Olli Kuivalainen, LUT University – International Marketing Review

Mirella Kleijnen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Journal of Business Research

Ghasem Zaefarian, University of Leeds – Industrial Marketing Management

Gerard Tellis, University of Southern California – Journal of Marketing

Karolos Papadas, University of York – Journal of Sustainable Marketing


15:15-15:45 Refreshment Break

15:45-17:15 Session 8A: Strategy and Performance in Global Markets

Room: SMT.6

Session Chair: Matthew Robson


Chong Yu, Matthew Robson, Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, and Ghasem Zaefarian

    The contingent effects of challenge stressors and hindrance stressors on multinational corporations’                    subsidiary performance


Mehran Aslaniyan, Peter Gabrielsson and Tiina Leposky

    Boundary spanning infrastructures as enablers of sustainability in international supply networks: a                      systematic literature review


Wenxin Wang, Martin Heinberg, Dayananda Palihawadana, Shankha Basu and Martin Eisend

    The consequences of brand personality: a meta-analytic review


Qun Tan and Carlos Sousa

    When does international marketing adaptation matter to the survival of a foreign affiliate?


Ying Huang

    Monitoring supplier corporate social responsibility and sustainability in supply chains


15:45-17:15 Session 8B: Developing Resilient and Sustainable Global Brands

Room: SMT.10

Session Chair: Stanford Westjohn


Samuel Kusi, Judit Plein, Mark Kofi Prempeh and Osei Yaw Adjei

    The influence of branding on consumers’ loyalty towards over-the-top video streaming services


Frederick Heim, Ashley Kelly, Colleen Mullen, Bria Steward, Megan Tsuruda and Clark Johnson

    The impact of online brand communities on brand loyalty


Rania Fakhet and Manel Hamouda

    Understanding the intention of use of chatbots in online complaints processing


Dikla Perez and Vicki Morwitz

    How do measurement effects vary with culture? 


15:45-17:15 Session 8C: Global Ethics, Sustainability and Sales Management

Room: SMT.11

Session Chair: Irem Yoruk


Matthew Stone

    Investigating environmentally sustainable choice behavior in culinary tourism


Vincent Mitchell

    Inspirational leadership for service firms; a cross-cultural messenger and message perspective


Katerina Papakonstantinou and Markos Tsogas

    A bibliometric analysis of the origins of ESG in the marketing literature


Samuel Kusi and Maria Uzhegova

    How does synergy between brand orientation and market orientation advance internationalising SMEs’                sustainable practices?


Arnold Schuh and Anja Pichler

    International business-to-business selling and the COVID-19 pandemic: the changing role of personal selling


19:00-23:00+ Gala Dinner and Closing Celebration

 Palazzo Verità Poeta (  - Also known as "Truth Poet Palace"

Vicolo San Silvestro, 6 – 37122 Verona



Monday, May 27

9:00-12:00 Open for Networking 

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