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Conference Schedule at Glance

Monday, May 21 


  • Arrival to Santorini, transfer to hotel


  • 14:30-18:30 - Doctoral Consortium


  • 19:00-21:00 - Welcome Reception at the Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre


Tuesday, May 22

  • 8:00-9:30 - Concurrent Sessions

  • 9:30-10:00 - Coffee Break

  • 10:00-11:15 - Plenary session I 

  • 11:15-11:30 - Coffee Break

  • 11:30-12:45 - Concurrent Sessions

  • 12:45-14:00 - Networking Lunch with Interactive Presentations

  • 14:00-15:30 - Concurrent Sessions


  • Free Afternoon to enjoy Santorini!


Wednesday, May 23


  • 8:00-9:30 - Concurrent Sessions


  • 9:30-10:00 - Coffee Break


  • 10:00-11:15 - Plenary Session II

  • 11:15-11:30 - Coffee Break

  • 11:30-12:45 - Concurrent Sessions


  • 12:45-14:00 - Networking Lunch with Interactive Presentations


  • 14:00-15:15 - Concurrent Sessions


  • 15:15-15:30 - Coffee Break


  • 15:30-16:45 - Meet the Editors Session


  • 19:30 - Farewell Dinner at local winery Santowines

Thursday, May 24


  • Check-out, transfer to airport!

Conference Program

Tuesday, May 22nd


08:00-09:30 Session 1A: Global Entrepreneurship

Session Chair: Peter Naudé

Location: Room A


How and When does Entrepreneurial Knowledge Impact New Venture Performance?

Francis Donbesuur and Ghasem Zaefarian


Is R&D Good for New Venture Survival? A Double-edged View of Financial Resource and Industry Knowledge

Xu Wang


Understanding Sources of Competitive Advantage on Global Freelancing Platforms: The Case of Design Professionals

Ekaterina Nemkova and Pelin Demirel


Does Institutional Support Cultivate Firm’s Entrepreneurial Orientation In Emerging Economies?

Zhenxin XiaoXiaoyun ChenMaggie DongShanxing Gao and Kevin Zhou


From Fragile to Agile - Agile Marketing as a Key Driver of Entrepreneurial Internationalization

Birgit Hagen and Antonella Zucchella



08:00-09:30 Session 1B: Market Entry and Internationalization I

Session Chair: Pejvak Oghazi

Location: Room B


Unpredictability and Market Entry Performance: The Mediating Effects of Improvisation and Business Network Commitment   

Mikael HilmerssonMartin JohansonHeléne Lundberg and Stelios Papaioannou


The Effect of Managerial Self-interest on a Foreign Exit Decision: The Role of Trust and Local Embeddedness   

Qun TanCarlos Sousa, and Wei Jiang


Global Sourcing Decision-making Process: Antecedents and Outcomes of Decision Speed

Kevin D. Clark and Barbara Francioni


How Does Market Knowledge Drive Mode of Foreign Subsidiary Establishment at Market Entry and Post Entry?

Anders Pehrsson


The Effect of Managerial Mindset on Internationalization Decisions: An Experimental Investigation   

ChristinaMagnus Hultman, and Aristeidis TheotokisPapadopoulou



08:00-09:30 Session 1C: Global Consumer Research I

Session Chair: Yeyi Liu

Location: Room C


Crowdfunding and the Redefinition of Consumer Power: a Global Perspective   

Damien Chaney


A Cross-Cultural Study on Counterfeit Luxury Consumption: Does Acculturation Play a Role?

Linda ShiAnnie Cui, and Ling Jiang


Prisoners of Our Own Experiences: Emigrants’ Reconciliation of Domestic Product Offering During Homecoming Honeymoons

Anton Fenik and Helena Allman


Individuals' Perceptions of Non-profit Organizations: A Three Country Evaluation of Non-profit Brand Image

Nina MichaelidouMilena Micevski, and Selma Kadic-Maglajlic


Red or Blue? The Impact of Power on Consumers’ Color Preference From the Perspective of Culture Orientation

Yeyi LiuHongyan Jiang, and Bangshun Liu



09:30-10:00 Tea and Coffe Break



10:00-11:15 Plenary session I

Session Chair: Dave Stewart


Presentations by:      Michael Ahearne

                                     Rajesh Chandy

                                     Costas Katsikeas

                                     V Kumar


11:15-11:30 Tea and coffee break



11:30-12:45 Session 2A: Global Innovation I

Session Chair: Nicole Hartley

Location: Room A


Does Global Perspective Lead to Sustainable Innovation? Empirical Evidence from International Firms

Goksel YalcinkayaShuili Du, and Ludwig Bstieler


Investigating the impact of New Product Introduction  NPI  Process Characteristics on Firm Performance: Case of Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Amalesh SharmaAlok Saboo, and V Kumar


Disruptive Innovation: Theory, Evidence, and Implications for Global Competition

Peter Yannopoulos


Balancing Marketing and New Product Development Capabilities to Export Performance: Direct and Moderating Effects

Ana Lisboa and Dionysis Skarmeas


11:30-12:45 Session 2B: Global Relationship Management

Session Chair: Bodo Schlegelmilch

Location: Room B


Forty Years of Research on Exporter-importer Relationships: A Review

Bilge Aykol and Leonidas Leonidou


When does Cross-Border Customer Engagement in Design Stage Drive Supplier Performance? A Motivation-Opportunity-Ability Framework

Zhaleh Najafi TavaniGhasem ZaefarianSahar Mousavi and Peter Naudé


Trust, Distrust, and Performance of International Strategic Alliances in Times of Uncertainty

Giuseppe MusarraMatthew Robson, and Constantine Katsikeas


SMEs’ Export Channel Choice: Predictions from Real Options Theory

Edith Ipsmiller, Keith D. Brouthers, and Desislava Dikova


11:30-12:45 Session 2C: Cross-border and Regional Branding-State of Play and Future Directions

Session Chair: Christos Pitelis

Location: Room C


Cross-border Global Brand Management-an integrated perspective

Christos Pitelis and Eleni E. N. Piteli

Inter-national Branding Strategy and its Effect on Brand Performance: A Comparison Between the USA and China

Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi, Andreas Georgiadis, Christos Pitelis, and Lia Zarantonello


The Effect of Ethical Branding on Brand Performance: An international Comparison between USA and China

Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi, Andreas Georgiadis, Christos Pitelis, and Lia Zarantonello


The role of stakeholders in managing place brand in crisis: Stavanger region case study

Julia Mykhailiuk



12:45-14:00 Lunch and (Poster) Interactive Session I


Emerging Market SME Export Performance

Constanza Bianchi


RETAILARCH: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of International Retail Architecture

Mohammad Foroudi, Pantea Foroudi, Suraksha Gupta and Michael Czinkota


Customer Value Perceptions towards Novel Products in a Developed and an Emerging Market

Toula Perrea, Pol Chryssochou, and Athanasios Krystallis


The Effects of Sleepiness on Variety-Seeking Behavior

Zhongqiang Tak Huang, Yitian Sky Liang, Charles B. Weinberg and Gerald J. Gorn


Do Big Data Affect International Business Strategy and Performance

Itzhak Gnizy


Consumer Personality Traits and iPhone consumption in China

Steven D'Alessandro, Gong Sun, Jie Li, Lester Johnson, Leanne Carter and Zhiming Cheng


Dynamic Capabilities in Turkish Export Ventures

Merve Turgut, Constantine Katsikeas, Bulent Menguc and Stavroula Spyropoulou


Firm Status, Collaboration Network, and Innovation: Behind the Rise Of Chinese High-Speed Train Sector (1993-2014)

Justin Tan


Information Processing Capacity and Market Agility

Nick Hajli and Farid Shirazi


An Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Explore Educational Policy Marketing


Mowshine McChamp and Cheng-Hua Wang


An Empirical Study about the Influence of Country Personality and Product Involvement on Consumer’s Purchase and Visit Intentions

Ana Sousa, Helena Nobre, and Minoo Farhangmehr



14:00-15:30 Session 3A: Global Marketing Strategy I

Session Chair: Aviv Shoham

Location: Room A


TV Series Adaptations and Their Repercussions on Consumers: A Qualitative Analysis   

Bilge Aykolİlayda İpek, and Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu


Chief Marketing Officer Presence and Strategic Alliance Success

Hang Nguyen and Hui Feng


Chutzpah-driven Export Marketing: Effects on Export Responsiveness and Performance   

Kalanit EfratYoel Asseraf, and Anne Souchon


Export Marketing Adaptation and Export Performance: An Intra-Firm Analysis   

João S. OliveiraJohn W. Cadogan, and Anssi Tarkiainen


How Outside-in and Inside-out Positional Advantages Impact Strategic International Performance?   

Yoel Asseraf and Aviv Shoham


14:00-15:30 Session 3B: Global Consumer Research II

Session Chair: Adamantios Diamantopoulos

Location: Room B


Is it Really Better to Take Two? Effects of Dual Language Labelling in a National and Cross-Cultural Setting   

Sabrina Heix and Hartmut Holzmueller


The Role Of Consumer Nationality And Product Country-Of-Origin For Brand Choice In Countries Of Low Product Ethnicity   

Katharina Zeugner-RothClaudiu Dimofte, and Fabian Bartsch


Building Brand Credibility in  Post-  Globalizing Markets: The Role of Perceived Brand Globalness and Cultural Symbolism   

Timo MandlerFabian Bartsch, and Choong Min Han


The Global/Local Product Attribute: Decomposing and Predicting Attribute Weight and Preference in Developed and Emerging Markets  

Christina SichtmannVasileios Davvetas, and Adamantios Diamantopoulos


The Effect of eWoM Characteristics on Consumers’ Purchase Intentions: The Moderating Role of Culture   

Sabrina Hegner and Bart Horstman


14:00-15:30 Session 3C: Global Sales and Account Management

Session Chair: Nicholas Paparoidamis

Location: Room C


Global Account Management: Dynamic Capabilities, Strategies, and Business Environments

Linda Shi


Key Account Managers’ Competencies: Evidence from an Arab Context

Fawaz Baddar AlhussanFaten Baddar Alhusan, Amarachi Amaugo and Lulu Alhesan


Role Stressors, Does It Really Affect Sales Performance?

Nicholas Paparoidamis and Fawaz Baddar Alhussan


Adopting M-commerce in Developing Countries: The Influences of Consumer Innovativeness on Perceived Risk, Cost, Ubiquity, Value, and Usage

Abdul AshrafNarongsak ThongpapanlAli Anwar and Carman Cullen


Effects of Customer E-Commerce Transitions on Short- and Long-Term Channel Performance 

Brett JosephsonJu-Yeon LeeShrihari Sridhar and Robert Palmatier



Free afternoon



Wednesday, May 23rd


08:00-09:30 Session 4A: Global Ethics, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility

Session Chair: Matthew Robson

Location: Room A


International Venturing, Green Institutional Entrepreneurship, and Moderating Role of SOEs versus Non-SOE s: Empirical Evidence from a Transitional Economy

Chengli ShuJinxin Liu, and Per Davidsson


Sustainability Strategy: Examination of its Antecedents, Consequences, and Contingency

Arinze Christian NwobaNathaniel Boso, and Matthew Robson


Corporate Boards Must Act as Ethical Gatekeepers If They Are to Serve their Fiduciary Duties

Theodore Peridis and David Weitzner


Responsible Entrepreneurship: Multilevel Determinants of CSR Engagement in SMEs   

Cezara Nicoara and Vita Kadile


Exploring Green Business Strategies within Exporting Context: Drivers, Processes, and Consequences

Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu


08:00-09:30 Session 4B: Cross-cultural Consumer Behavior

Session Chair: Katharina Zeugner-Roth

Location: Room B


Antecedents and Outcomes of Consumer Country-of-Origin Perceptions: A Meta-analysis  

Leonidas LeonidouSaeed SamieeBilge Aykol and Nikolaos Korfiatis


Consumer Xenocentrism: Its Personality Trait Antecedents and the Role of Consumer Disidentification and Public versus Private Consumption

Yi Peng and Hyeyoon Jung


Consumption as a Mechanism to Compensate the Perceived Loss of Psychological Ownership of self: a cross-cultural study of women in relationships   

Ranjitha G P and Anandakuttan B Unnithan


Consumer Authenticity Seeking: Conceptualization, Measurement, Antecedents, and Consequences   

Fabian Bartsch and Katharina Zeugner-Roth


The Role Of Cultural Intelligence in Intercultural Service Encounters: A Cross-Cultural Examination 

Nicholas Paparoidamis and Thi Thanh Huong - Jenny Tran



08:00-09:30 Session 4C: Global Marketing Strategy II

Session Chair: Ayşegül Özsomer

Location Room C


The Relationship Between Multimarket Contact and MNCs Performance – The Moderating Effects of Global Integration and Local Responsiveness

Yu-Ching ChiaoChun-Chien Lin, and Ting-Wei Lu


Does Crowd Wisdom Bring Wealth? The Impact of Crowdsourcing on Shareholder Value

Zixia Cao and Hui Feng


The Role of Market Orientation and Market Learning in Managing a Prolonged Economic Crisis   

Ayşegül Özsomer and Markos Tsogas


Chief Marketing Officers And Firm Performance: A Multinational Perspective On The Value Relevance Of The Chief Marketer   

Atanas Nik NikolovMihail Miletkov, and Plamen Peev


Global Marketing Strategies In Task Environments: Conditions For Success And Failure   

Simos Chari and George Balabanis


09:30-10:00 Tea and Coffee break



10:00-11:15 Plenary Session II

Session Chair: Jan Heide

Location: Room A


Presentations by:      David Griffith
                                     Satish Jayachandran
                                     Neil Morgan
                                     Gerard Tellis


11:15-11:30 Tea and Coffee break



11:30-12:45 Session 5A: Global Brand Management and Marketing Communications I

Session Chair: Michael Houston

Location: Room A


Enhancing Consumer Attitude Toward Culturally Mixed Symbolic Products from Global Brands in Emerging Markets: The Role of Cultural Respect   

Xiaoling GuoMartin Heinberg, and Shaoming Zou


A Comparison of Five Theoretical Explanations of Favouritism Towards Foreign or Domestic Brands

George BalabanisAnastasia Stathopoulou, and Jiayu Qiao


Determining Effective Communication Strategies for Service Offshoring Decisions   

Tony LuGary Gregory, and Liem Ngo


Cross Cultural Differences In Hotel Attribute Appraisals: A Supra-National Approach

Rodoula Tsiotsou


11:30-12:45 Session 5B: Export and Import Management

Session Chair: Paul Harrison

Location: Room B


The Influence of Ambidexterity on Firm Performance Based on International Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Lixun SuAnnie CuiSaeed Samiee and Shaoming Zou


A New Approach to the Relationship Between the Importer-Tailored Export Marketing Mix and Exporter Performance

Claude ObadiaRaluca Mogos DescotesIrena Vida and Dora Trikki


Export Activity, R&D investment and Foreign Ownership: Does it Matter for Productivity? 

Carlos M. P. SousaEmanuel Gomes and Ji Yan


Predictors and Effects of Importer-perceived Relationship Value   

Dionysis SkarmeasParaskevas ArgouslidisFlora Kokkinaki and Athina Zeriti


11:30-12:45 Session 5C: Global Innovation II

Session Chair: Narongsak Thongpapanl

Location: Room C


Social Innovation: Integrating Product and User Innovation   

Jonathan Linton and Konstantin Fursov


Geographic Dispersion and Co-location in Global R&D Portfolios: Consequences for Firm Performance

Mario KafourosEva Mavroudi, and Chengqi Wang


Political Instability and Innovation of African Firms

Sorin Krammer


Vendor Certification and Innovation in Global Outsourcing: A Boon or Bane for Growth? A Moderated Mediation Effect of International Clients   

Shanthi Gopalakrishnan and Haisu Zhang


12:45-14:00 Lunch and Poster (Interactive) Session II


Governance Choice, Specific Assets, and Business Culture Similarity: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Umar Burki    


Evaluating Modules from a Learning and Developmental Imperative in the Context of Management Education – A metric of ability or a measure of contentment?

Alvina Gillani and Smirti Kutaula     


Down the Street or Across the Seas: The Influence of Proximity and Ethical Engagement on the British and Indian Fair Trade Consumption

Alvina Gillani and Smirti Kutaula     


Online Behavioral Advertising Acceptance/Avoidance

Daina Nicolaou and Thomas Soutzis


Resilience in Global Supply Chains: Inter-organisational and Cultural Perspectives

Jacqueline Jing You   


Conceptual Development and Measurement Approaches to International Targeting Strategies

Marina Kyriakou and Markos Tsogas           


Cell Phone Anxiety and Nationalistic Bias

Peter Magnusson, Stacey Robinson, and June Cotte


Making internalization a General Theory of the Multinational Firm: Toward an Asymmetric Power –Resource Value–Transaction Cost ART Framework Xin Li Controlling and Breaking Boundaries: Understanding Actor Agency During Supply Chain Entry V.G.Gamithri Gayana Karunasena and Daniel D. Prior


Bargaining Power and Value Capture of Emerging Economy Exporters

Hanh Pham and Bent Petersen          


Luxury Counterfeiting Resistance: A Preliminary Investigation

Siham Mourad and Pierre Valette-Florence  


The Role of Trust Beliefs in Shaping m-commerce Usage Intention: The “Good” vs. the “Efficient and Ethical” m-retailer

Luciano Lapa, Abdul Ashraf, and Narongsak Thongpapanl 


Agile Marketing Process Drives Value Proposition Validation in International Markets: A Qualitative Analysis

Ieva Puke


14:00-15:15 Session 6A: Market Entry and Internationalization II

Session Chair: Leonidas Leonidou

Location: Room A


A Meta-Analytic Review Investigating the Significance of Transaction Cost Economics in International Marketing   

Su Jin Yeon and Young Wook Song


Ties that Bind or Ties that Blind? Networking of Small- and Medium-Sized Family for and During Internationalization    

Tanja LeppäahoSarah JackPia Arenius and Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki


Making internalization a General Theory of the Multinational  Firm: Toward an Asymmetric Power–Resource Value–Transaction Cost ART Framework   

Xin Li


Controlling and Breaking Boundaries: Understanding Actor Agency during Supply Chain Entry   

V.G.Gamithri Gayana Karunasena and Daniel D. Prior


14:00-15:15 Session 6B: Global Brand Management and Marketing Communications II

Session Chair: Peter Gabrielsson

Location: Room B

Decision-making Logic and Brand Orientation of Young Internationalizing Firms: The Performance Consequences   

Samuel Yaw Kusi and Peter Gabrielsson


Brand Equity Formation: The Cultural Differences and Moderating Role of Perceived Brand Origin   

Eunjoo Cho and Jiyoung Hwang


Should Emerging Firms Say it Loud? The Effect of Foreign Acquisitions on the Perceived Value of Acquired Local Brands   

Anh Nguyen Hoang Minh and Lailani Alcantara


A Cross-cultural Examination of Eco-innovation Adoption using Choice-based Conjoint Analysis: The Case of the “Green” Car Market

Charalampos Saridakis


14:00-15:15 Session 6C: Global Marketing Research, Big Data, and Analytics

Session Chair: Kay Peters

Location: Room C

Off-line Customer Flow Forecast through Deep Neural Networks   

Xiaofeng ZhangXiaoyun Chen and Maggie Dong


Determinants and Consequences of International Launch Time Window: The Roles of Advertising and Word of Mouth

Reo Song


Web-sourced Competitive Intelligence and Embeddedness Impacting Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Exporters vs. Non-Exporters  

Kalanit EfratAmiram MarkovichDaphne Raban and Andreas Wald


Elicitation of salient brand emotions in Western and Asian markets: The role of elicitation context

Alexander Jakubanecs, Magne Supphellen, Alexander Fedorikhin, Hege Mathea Haugen, and Njål Sivertstøl


15:15-15:30 Tea and coffee break



15:30-16:45 Meet the Editors Session

Session Chair: Dave Stewart



Panelist:           Michael Ahearne (International Journal of Research in Marketing)
                          Doug Hughes (Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management)

                          Satish Jayachandran (Journal of Marketing Research)
                          Costas Katsikeas (Journal of International Marketing and Journal of International Business Studies)

                          V Kumar (Journal of Marketing)

                          Neil Morgan (Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science)
 Dave Stewart (Journal of Public Policy Marketing)



19:30-late Conference dinner at Santo Wines





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