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Global Marketing SIG

2023 AMA Global Marketing SIG Conference
Santiago, CHILE 

May 30-June 2, 2023


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2023 Global Marketing Conference:

May 30 - June 2 2023

Santiago, CHILE

2023 Summer AMA Conference:

August 4-6, 2023

San Francisco, CA

2023 Winter AMA Conference:

February 10-12, 2022

Nashville, TN


To join Global Marketing SIG all you have to do is indicate your desire to join the SIG when you are renewing your AMA membership. Should you wish to join before your renewal please contact the AMA.


For website related inquiries,

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Goksel Yalcinkaya




Welcome to the American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG's online resource center. The Global Marketing SIG is one of the largest and most active special interest groups in the AMA. It is the mission of the Global Marketing SIG to try to create value for its members through programs that will be of particular interest in the areas of research, teaching, and facilitating global marketing.

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Journal of International Marketing

Journal of International Marketing is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated to advancing international marketing practice, research, and theory. Contributions addressing any aspect of international marketing are welcome. The journal presents scholarly and managerially relevant articles on international marketing. Aimed at both international marketing/business scholars and practitioners at senior- and mid-level international marketing positions, the journal's prime objective is to bridge the gap between theory and practice in international marketing. 

The editor encourages scholars and practitioners from around the world to submit articles with a diverse approach to international marketing. He welcomes traditional empirical articles on important international marketing issues, thoughtful essays on international marketing trends and practices, in-depth case studies of individual companies or industries, and integrative research reviews. These articles can be traditional narrative reviews or meta-analyses that result in theories, models, or further research agendas. Articles should be written in a clear, concise, and logical manner. 

All submissions are subject to a double-blind refereeing process. Journal of International Marketing strives to publish work of the highest quality. Synthesis, replication with advancement, systematic extension, and work that disconfirms assumptions about international marketing are appropriate for submission. Managerial relevance is an important criterion in the final decision process. originally recognized in the 1990s, Relationship Marketing (RM) has experienced explosive growth in the past three decades both in business practice and as a focus of academic scholarship.  A basic tenet of RM is that firms may create value, build competitive advantage, and successfully compete in the marketplace through developing long-term, cooperative relationships with selected key partners.  RM has transformed the way in which business relationships are structured, managed, and evaluated and most research and practice assume that, by virtue of RM efforts, positive relational outcomes will accrue to exchange partners.  However, considerable empirical evidence and everyday business practice suggest that the effectiveness of RM efforts may vary depending on the specific RM strategy and exchange context.

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